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Level In rolls out on a Uk funky tip, where Forensic Anthropology takes some of the same bounce and adds some serious atmosphere and rudeness. Secret Weapon is an old experiment in the robotic and melodic. On The Buttons is a mischievous and dirty floor walker with a good skank that keeps it balanced.

Turtilian & Theo Tzu have made their own respective and distinct marks as strong and energetic participants in the perpetuation of the underground bass music movement in Manitoba. Combining forces through their original productions, and being willing to test new projects in front of unsuspecting crowds, they played a large, and trench-level role in the indoctrination of dubstep, garage, Uk funky, and other deep, soulful, groove based styles which were either unknown, or not considered main room dance floor music at the time. Well times have changed. Take a look back to those days with some sounds created out of this era, released for the first time on home ground, through Phantohm Soundsystem, a new label founded by an even deeper Winnipeg bass veteran, Steven Hunnie aka Coda. Check and respect!